March on with confidence

Moving forward in life is generally perceived as a sign of success, but when referring to movement, forward motion tends to be over utilised, while all other ranges of motion (R.O.M) are underutilised.

If we want to live in an efficient, fully functioning, pain-free body, it's imperative that we regulalry move our joints through each R.O.M.

Chances are an average day in your life mostly consists of walking forwards, bending forwards, looking forwards. Forwards, forwards, FORWARDS!

There is definitely a plethora of R.O.M we could discuss as far as all your joints are concerned, but we will keep those for future blog posts. Let's focus solely on the spine for today's article and the effect all this forward motion is having on it.

Afterall the entire body depends on the spine for it's function. Without a healthy spine for your brain to easily transmit messages through, the rest of your body won't know what to do.

Kinda makes me think of when I ask my husband to pick up his underwear from the bedroom floor and it's still there a week later. Somewhere along the communication channel there was a blockage...

Your spine is built for flexing, extending, rotating, articulating and side bending. The star of today's show is extension!

Sadly, spinal extension is often neglected. Not deemed important enough to spend time on, that could otherwise be spent on building biceps or quadriceps. Hence back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and a sad looking posture that projects misery, low energy and lack of confidence.

Do not despair! YOU have the power to counteract the effects of a perpetually forward life.

Do not delay, make haste and add to your schedule "spine day"!

March on with confidence, my friend.


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