"Lovin' you is easy cos you're beautiful la la la la la"

You're a kind, nurturing soul always taking care of others, but is it at the expense of your own personal health & happiness?

The fascinating thing about taking care of others is that it requires patience and an even temperament, both of which are quickly depleted when you don't have a consistent self care practise in place.

You mean well, but how can you ensure everyone's happiness when your temper is on a short fuse and your patience has evaporated?

You can't.

It's best that you immediately put a plan into action to show yourself some love and prevent burning out.

Pilates is my self-love saviour.

I have found that a regular Pilates practise does wonders for my sanity and improves the way I interact with others.

The magic formula for peace and happiness is the dance between my body and the moving platforms, combined with my rhythmic breath and the joint support the straps provide while the springs provide the joint guidance.

I am able to easily relax into the flow of my workout knowing that my entire body is gaining incredible strength and resilience without the jarring, painful impact of other movement methods.

Come and experience it for yourself with your FREE first session!


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