How do you want to feel?

Did you jump up and scream an answer such as "MISERABLE!" or "GROSS!" or "SLUGGISH!" or "UGH!"?

First of all, if that truly is how you want to feel, I doubt you leapt to your feet to proclaim it in such an enthusiastically confident manner.

Secondly, in all my years of cohabiting with other homo sapiens on this planet; I've never met a soul who declared they wanted to feel so terrible.

If you answered "Full of life" or "Zesty" or "Energized" or "Like I'm living in a Disney musical." I'm more inclined to believe you.

Now that we've established that feeling "SHA-ZING! WAZOO! BAZINGA!" is of great importance to you, can I get personal and ask the question that threatens to expose you?

Do your daily choices, decisions and actions result in a feeling of sunshine & rainbows?

Sure there's many physiological and psychological factors that all play a part in determining your "feel-good factor," but what is largely understated in its role towards transforming the way you feel, is your posture.

Think about the posture you allow your body to marinate in throughout your day. Is your posture even something you pay attention to? Do you check in with it at regular intervals? If you did, you may discover that your spine is slumped, your shoulders rounded and your head jutting forward to resemble an emu. How can anyone feel alive whilst spending most of their hours in this slumpy, floppy, lifeless posture?

No wonder you feel exhausted , sore and stiff when your body's structure is crumbling like an ancient Scottish castle.

Daily activities become arduous chores, the simple life giving act of breathing is compromised and your hunched appearance relieves you of the task of searching for a Halloween costume.

If you do just one thing this month to improve your overall wellbeing, check in with how you're sitting and standing. Is it a posture of power? Or a posture of defeat?


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