Don't fear the fall!

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

There's a certain romance to these darker, colder, wetter days.

It's cosy being wrapped in a blanket, absorbed in a book with candlelight flickering beside you, a crimson glass of wine (or a steaming mug of coffee), delivering warmth to the tips of your toes, whilst the rain taps it's soothing melody on the window pane.

BUT outside, danger lurks...

Danger, Will Robinson!

This danger lurks in the form of slippery sidewalks, uneven surfaces, exposed roots & rocks, and higher (or lower) than anticipated steps. All eagerly awaiting the opportunity to send you falling to your DOOM!...

Are you prepared to defend yourself against this tricky terrain?

Sure, you could choose to remain indoors and admire the beauty of your surroundings through your window, but you'd be missing out on touching, feeling and inhaling that spectacular beauty. Plus, you are not guaranteed safety from falling (to your DOOM!...) just because you are on the inside of a closed door.

Be fall-free!

Falls can greatly impact your life, from an annoying inconvenience of having to take a short time off to heal a small injury or bruise, to the more debilitating fear of falling, causing those who develop this fear to reduce their participation in movement of any kind, resulting in weaker bones, muscles & balance, making falls more likely to occur.

So, what do we have to do to live a happy, healthy, fall-free (or at least earn the resilience to bounce back quicker & stronger after a fall) existence?

Watch my mini movie for some ideas for fall prevention strategies.

*Check with your Doctor before attempting any of the exercises suggested in this video

Now get out there and enjoy the fall!


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