3 reasons you need Pilates in your life

Bizarrely my personal Pilates journey actually began out of an intense loathing for the method.

With a questionable love for activities that made my heart pound out of my chest and induced vomiting, I refused to give the time of day to anything that required me to slow down, concentrate and (Eeyuck!) stretch...

Luckily fate eventually introduced me to the greatest Pilates teacher of all time! (Jo James teaches in Perth if you're ever in the area), who was able to help me experience and appreciate the numerous benefits Pilates brings into every aspect of my life.

My hope is that someday you too will give Pilates a crack and get the chance to discover these benefits for yourself.

Reason #1: Super Strength!

You bet I'm referring to physical strength, but as a bonus you can also expect to build mental & emotional strength (more on that in #2).

True physical strength can only be achieved with both strength training and flexibility training. Guess which magical method combines the two in every single movement?

What is Pilates!

Efficient AND effective - How many more "eff's" do you need to be convinced?

Reason #2: "Pressure. Pushing down on me"

Stress is ugly, mean & damaging. Whilst it is helpful in super small doses, let it build up and become chronic and you could have some serious negative consequences to combat. Our lives are busier than ever before with everyone (including ourselves) pressuring us to be the perfect sibling, friend, parent, child, employee, boss, spouse. No wonder we are collapsing into a big ball of tension, exploding like a firecracker at anyone who comes near.

Pilates to the rescue!

Tuning into your breath and co-ordinating movement with that breath, brings you into your mind and body now, in the present moment. You cannot help but forget everything that's stressing you out as you flow gracefully through a session. The best part? After Pilates you are less reactive to what life throws at you, and instead have the clarity and focus to find solutions to that which is causing you the stress. Practised regularly, you will find yourself developing stronger mental and emotional resilience, so you're prepared to vanquish the stress monster the next time it appears.

Reason #3: "Fun, Fun, Fun"

Thanks to the specialized apparatus, the Pilates studio is reminiscent of your time as a child spent swinging and sliding gleefully around your local playground.

There's springs to encourage your joints to move in ways that you did as a carefree youngster - freely & easily.

Moving pieces to teach your body what muscles to fire at the right time, so that you have control of when and where these pieces move.

AND accessories such as bars, handles and straps to offer you support as you're guided through a cirqu du soleil like extravaganza.

When you combine all of these tools, you get a SUPER fun, SUPER challenging-but-supportive, transformational well-rounded workout.

I could go on and on and on and on about the many wonderful benefits of regularly practising Pilates, but I thought it best to give you a glimpse into just 3, so you could come in and discover the rest through personal experience.


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