Once upon a time there was a fair maiden from Oz, who believed herself to be invincible. She crammed her days with non-stop activity, never-ending to-do lists, and far more commitments than are humanly possible for one person to stick to.

Oblivious to the high levels of chronic stress she was placing on herself physically, emotionally & mentally, maintaining this lifestyle was setting her up for impending doom!

Alas the inevitable breakdown did occur and her body would no longer operate free of pain & dysfunction.

At the insistance of her knight in shining armour (aka physiotherapist), she sought out a Pilates teacher to return her to life.

Skeptical as our fair maiden was, she could not deny that Pilates delivered the magic.
Transforming her from a short-tempered, stressed out, pain riddled, fire breathing dragon, into the relaxed, resilient beauty that she is today.


And so, our tale continues with our fair maiden, a proud BASI Pilates comprehensive teacher graduate & Embody School of Pilates diploma holder, on her journey to helping you come alive through the power of Pilates.

"Don't ask yourself what the World needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, & then go & do that.
Because what the World needs is people who have come alive"

-Howard Thurman

Meet Sandra Robertson

Pilates wizard

BASI Pilates & Embody School of Pilates certified teacher

1101-A 2nd Avenue Fernie BC

Tel: 250-910-0211

Email: info@elkvalleypilates.com

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